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SUSTAINABILITY is defined to meet the economic and social needs of the world that we live in without adversely affecting the ecosystem and harming the facilities.

REALTEKS Shows the real courage of doing its best to leave a livable world to the next generations, REALTEKS has taken the name of the “REAL LIFE PROJECT”.

Our priority target is to define and popularize the sense of “SUSTAINABILITY” in real terms.


The first target is to ensure that the fabrics manufactured have more minimal ingredients. We believe that we should make 100% cotton – 100% polyester or combine the ingredients minimizing them rather than mixing them. This approach will result in less consumption of electricity and gas in terms of recycling. We do not consider the concept of recycling only in terms of materials, but we are aware that the product durability, the ability to use it for many years, and offer basic and fast services are those factors contributing to recycling. We have created our concept accordingly.

We transparently aim to monitor the respective processes to purchase raw materials, consume energy, use chemicals and the time needed to dispose them in a waste area during the respective stages of production.


There is a word book with the word LCA written on it with hemp bag. It is an abbreviation of life cycle assessment.


LCA ISO 14044 (Life Cycle Analysis) Approved Production

* Smart Factory

* Collaborative

* Brand New Robotic Machinery System

* Transparent Flow of Information

* Playing an active role in the improvement of human rights

* Believing in the variety of opinions, information and expression, ideas.


The machines that we use are: The State of Art machinery system which are provided by leading machine suppliers ;Karl Mayer, Picanole (950 rpm/min), Kusters, Monforts .

The speed of our machine system is far higher than other ordinary mills. This new technology certainly give us a big challenge to produce our fabrics in using less amount of energy, gas and water.

Some of our machinery suppliers are Karl Mayer, Picanole (950 rpm/min), Kusters, Monforts.



Cotton is a type of fiber, which is a breathable and durable textile product. The worldwide production volume is about 25 million tons or 110 million bales, which corresponds to 2.5% of the arable lands throughout the world. In terms of denim, the American cotton has the longest fibers. Fiber needs strong and generous lands; geography is the main key in this respect. We use only American and Turkish cotton in the production of our fabrics.

We maximize the value at the every stages of the life cycle while preferring to minimize the climate effect and wastage.

We add cyclical materials to our collection to recycle easily. We manufacture on the basis of PRE and POST RECYCLE in order to keep the volume of wastage within the scope of the production cycle.

We do not have only RECYCLED Fabrics, but also ORGANIC Fibers. Organic cotton is the most used raw material in the world of denim. Agriculture of organic cotton eliminates the use of toxic chemicals and supports the environment. We are increasing the amount of the certified organic fibers used in our collection.We are working on BIO and REGENERATIVE cotton.

We have the Certifications of OEKOTEX, GRS, RCS, OCS, GOTS, and LCA.


We consider not only the aspects of product health and safety, but also the respective energy consumption data while choosing the chemicals. We analyze the chemicals to be supplied in terms of functionality, and also require our suppliers to provide us with the respective energy consumption data to compare them. This makes it possible for us to encourage other suppliers to consider these aspects properly.

We focus on the minimization of chemicals and colorants that are necessary in the production of fabrics during the dyeing process in order to minimize our environmental impact. We follow only the directives of ZDHCL and MRSL.



We support the productive society model rather than the concept of consumption. We aim to fulfill our need for energy from renewable sources in order to contribute to more green environment. Green Environment Concept is an efficient significant way to prove the sustainability to the earth.


We are committed to make research and follow the best practices in order to reduce the consumption of water, chemicals and energy in REAL terms of concerning the sustainable processes in our production.

We are proud to announce our consumption of WATER per 1 kg is 23 liters.

Our company is awarded as “WATER EXCELLENT” for the water consumption.



Traceability is the most significant part of our transparency to assure our business partners. We support the complete and the clear information should be shared in each shipment. The approach of transparency is resulting less confusion for all hands, RECYCLING your time is a key for enriching the life quality. We believe  recycling in each and every step of life,  not only in products but also in a daily routine.


The machines that we use in the laboratories are those state-of-the-art machines by the leading brands in the field of textile. Our professional colleagues make use of these innovative and pioneering testing machines before, during and after the production, and the each fabric is identified by these tests. We share the product technical details of the specified fabrics with our business partners.

REALTEKS believes that the concept of recycling is important for the product durability, and the fabrics we manufacture should be durable and useful in the wardrobe of our business partners for many years.

Cropped photo hands of scientists examining green plant in laboratory sustainability


Products of USD 460 billion are sent to waste treatment facilities for incineration every year. The recycling percentage is about 1%. On the other hand, considering the concept of “RECYCLING” in a serious manner, it is seen that only 2% of used clothes and textiles is recycled, and the remaining 98% thereof is incinerated or buried without being processed.

There is a wastage of USD 100 billion in the field of textile, and 1% thereof is recycled.

Focusing on the ways of re-commercializing the used products, we have achieved to increase the amount of waste that is re-consumed and re-used. We at Realteks are happy to serve our business partners in the concept of PRE and AFTER RECYCLING. This is because we believe that we will be the guardian of the real recycling.

As a company that adopts the concept of circular economy and recyclable products, we manufacture as a holder of LCA certification.


Sustainability supports the concept of social development, focusing on the attempts to reach the highest level of healthcare, life quality and education for all the societies.

The basic principle of REALTEKS TEKSTİL DENİM İŞLETMELERİ A.Ş.  is to create and maintain a positive and professional working environment for its employees. REALTEKS and its Group Companies follow the respective global ethical principles in terms of recruitment, promotion, career development, trainings, remuneration, benefits and diversity. Our organization respect on Human Rights Declaration rules and needs. Realteks does not tolerate any form of forced labor, child employment, discrimination and harassment.


We would like to underline that we aim to financially improve the women both in our organization and within our sphere of influence by means of Empowerment and Equality of Women. This will not result only in creating hand skills, but also optimizing the sources that are available to us by means of less wastage and more recycling.


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